Become a global leader in the fields of management, innovation, and project management

About us

Institute for Management and Innovation is dedicated to enhancing business performance and developing innovative solutions to meet clients’ needs. With rich experience and an expert team, we are committed to providing the highest quality services in the fields of project management and consulting.

The Institute’s mission is to support organizations in achieving excellence in project management. Regardless of the industry or size of the organization, we work with clients to help them achieve their strategic objectives, identify new business opportunities for growth and development, and adapt their operations to market opportunities.

The Institute’s vision is to become a global leader in the fields of management, innovation, and project management. We strive to inspire and empower organizations to achieve outstanding results, embrace innovation as a key strategy for growth, and enhance the efficiency and sustainability of their projects. We aim to be recognized as a symbol of excellence in project management, strategies, and innovation, setting standards for quality and professionalism in this field.

Your success is our mission

Our expert team consists of experienced consultants and experts in the field of project management who are dedicated to providing personalized solutions for each client. Leveraging our expertise in project management and strategic planning, we help organizations achieve outstanding results, grow, and become leaders in their industries

Our approach

Strategic and Operational Planning

Our team assists clients in defining vision, goals, and priorities to achieve them. Together, we conduct performance analysis, assess market opportunities, and analyze competitors to identify key opportunities for business improvement.

Business plan development

We create detailed business plans that lead to the achievement of defined goals. We provide support throughout the implementation process to ensure the success of the set plans.

Project management training

Our training programs help individuals and organizations acquire the necessary skills and knowledge in project management.

We begin with business performance analysis, identifying opportunities, and developing solutions. We observe global practices and apply them to help our clients become more competitive in the market.


The Basics of Project Management Training encompasses the presentation of approaches, standards, and methodologies for project management. The training is designed to systematically present the project management process, from initiation, through planning, execution, monitoring and control, closure, to project evaluation. Participants are enabled to develop skills for applying tools and techniques for efficient and effective management of time, resources, costs, risk, communication, and change.

The training involves the development of the following competence elements:




  • Strategy
  • Management, structure, and processes
  • Compliance, standards, and processes
  • Power and interest
  • Culture and values



  • Self-reflection and self-management
  • Personal integrity and reliability
  • Personal communication
  • Relationships and engagement
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Conflict and crisis
  • Resourcefulness
  • Negotiation
  • Results orientation



  • Project conception
  • Requirements and objectives
  • Scope
  • Time
  • Organization and communication
  • Quality
  • Financing
  • Resources
  • Procurement
  • Planning and control
  • Risk and opportunity
  • Stakeholders
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